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It’s here! Your pro-life Voter’s Guide.

It’s here! Your pro-life Voter’s Guide.

I’m pleased to unveil our pro-life, pro-family Voter’s Guide to the June 2nd Ontario election, which you can view at

CLC’s powerful, new, online Voter’s Guide aims to help elect as many pro-life MPPs as possible in the upcoming provincial election. And with that, we hope to reverse many of the evil policies inflicted on Ontario children and families by the Doug Ford government and the preceding Liberal regime. 

Our dedicated Voter’s Guide at features many powerful tools to help you vote for the pro-life candidate in your riding. Simply enter your postal code and the website will tell you who is the pro-life candidate in your riding. 

So far, we’ve green-lit (21) candidates in (19) different ridings as being pro-life. As the weeks roll on, CLC will endorse many more pro-life candidates. We hope to offer a supportable candidate in all 124 ridings.

What if no candidate on the ballot in your riding is pro-life?

The website gives you two options.

First, it tells you who is the closest pro-life candidate to where you live so that you can consider volunteering or donating to them.  Secondly, the site gives you a side-by-side comparison of all the candidates on the ballot in your riding and if someone has a yellow light rating because their views are unknown, you’re encouraged to contact them to find out where they stand on life issues, or to educate them. 

Beyond helping you cast your ballot, provides a comprehensive Policy Platform Comparison page, which lays out where each party stands on different issues related to life, family, faith and freedom.


The Voter’s Guide also provides an interesting “Rating The Party Leaders” page, where you can compare the stances, actions and statements of Doug Ford, Steven Del Duca, Derek Sloan, Jim Karahalios and other party leaders on relevant life and family issues. 

Finally, the site features “Spotlight” video interviews with select candidates, to provide further insights into their views.  

Check it out today at and share it with your socially conservative friend, relatives and fellow church goers! 

Please ask your pastor, or the church secretary, if they would please promote this Voter’s Guide resource in the church bulletin. It’s an essential resource for every Christian voter, and every person of faith in Ontario.

Don't know where your local candidate
stands on life & family issues?

Send them CLC's 2022 election survey, and ask them, as a voter, to give you answers